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PECO Pallet Update on Coronavirus/COVID-19 Response (May 20, 2020)

Company Assurance for Customers

PECO Pallet provides an essential service to the food and grocery supply chain by facilitating the movement and distribution of critical food, beverage, paper, produce, and other grocery products. PECO has provided uninterrupted service to our customers through the COVID-19 crisis to date and will strive to continue to maintain this level of performance.

PECO proactively increased pallet inventory on hand and other critical supplies such as component lumber, paint, and nails. We are in regular contact with our suppliers to monitor and potentially intervene on any disruptions to our supply chain. Our pallet depots and supply base are performing reliably.

While the situation is constantly changing, the guidelines below represent the evolution of our best judgment and the practical steps we have taken over the past several months to reduce risk for our employees as well as our customers, colleagues and communities.

Company Guidance to Employees

Safety Protocol at PECO Depot Operations

  • Employees working on-site are applying social distancing and proper use of PPE and hygiene protocols based on guidance from health authorities.
  • Only essential personnel are allowed in the PECO depots.
  • Truck drivers, deliveries, Cintas, and other vital services personnel should expect to practice social distancing wherever possible. PECO team members are asked to remind or advise drivers and other essential visitors of this practice.
  • Paperwork hand-offs, touch points, and other activities have been reduced where possible.
  • Social distancing in common areas, as well as staggered breaks and lunch times, are in place to limit the number of people in the break area at a given time.
  • Hand sanitizer and soap are readily available for employees.
  • Disinfecting facilities and equipment is vital to our employees’ health and safety. Bathrooms, break rooms, lunch tables, microwaves, time clocks, pens for sign-in logs, water fountains, fridges, and doorknobs in common areas are cleaned continuously throughout the day. Between shifts, repair tools, gauges, brushes, hammers, breaker bars, saws, and repair tables are disinfected even if the employee was wearing gloves.
  • Forklifts are assigned to a single user per shift and properly sanitized after each shift.

Precautionary Actions at Corporate Offices and Canada

  • All employees that can work from home are currently under a work-from-home directive. All employees are equipped to work remotely and will continue to effectively support our customers and depots and mitigate interruptions to the supply chain.
  • We have restricted virtually all employee travel. Exceptions will be determined by PECO management in consultation with our customers and distributors and in accordance with federal, state, and local orders and regulations.
  • We have extended our policy to conduct only business-critical travel through the end of May 2020. We will monitor and reevaluate this policy at the end of May.

Please be assured that PECO Pallet will continue to be mindful and take the recommended and necessary steps to minimize the impact of this pandemic. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your PECO Sales or Service Representative.

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